Wizard Mode film
October 19, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: Pinball Wizards & A Nation for the Nationless


Wizard Mode film
In case you haven’t heard yet, we have a huge announcement regarding Indiegogo Life coming up soon. Keep your eyes peeled for something truly amazing! But, as usual, there was plenty of other buzz around great Indiegogo campaigns in the world this week.

Tech News

Because I clearly don’t have immune system that is equipped to deal with life in the world without turning into a balloon-face with the lungs of an 85-year-old smoker, I think I should start using Koto CubeSensor. As someone is officially allergic to dust it behooves me to see what offenders are lurking in the fibers of carpets and load up on Zyrtec and Flonase. Koto offers a few different models, which besides sensing dust, can tell you about air quality and weather changes. Definitely the next hottest in-nursery accessory that parents freak out about forgetting when they go on vacation.
Koto Cube Sensor
Turns out that besides the rampant concussion problem and the usual sports injuries, football players experience a host of other health issues that they won’t admit. Is it because they are too tough? Too oblivious? Too many concussions? SMRT Mouth is smart so you don’t have to be. It’s a mouthguard that doesn’t just protect your teeth, it provides biometric data that let’s you know when you need to drink water, or slow down. The idea came from the teammate of a young player who died of heatstroke – a horrible and entirely preventable way to die.

Film Crowdfunding News

While I can’t say I’ve ever played pinball, I’m still very excited about the documentary “Wizard Mode“, which follows a pinball champion who also happens to be autistic. As the film chronicles Robert Gagno’s ascent in the pinball world, it attempts to de-stigmatize autism by taking a close look at the way he has overcome struggles that most people cannot understand.
Wizard Mode pinball
In a very appropriate turn of events, Henry Rollins, the lead singer of 80’s hardcore/punk band Black Flag is starring in “He Never Died“, a movie about an immortal cannibal. Instead of relishing in being unkillable, in classic nihilistic punk fashion he is bored and thinks humans are lame. All is pretty chill until something from his past comes back and things get real. And there is nothing realer than an immortal cannibal in my opinion.

Social Innovation News

If you didn’t think Hidden Cash was cool enough, our Senior Director of Marketing Yan Budman’s partner in do-gooder-ing (you could call it doing good but I choose not to) is at it again. In the mounting frustration over the refugee crisis and lack of any real solutions, a San Francisco real estate investor is crowdfunding a Refugee Nation for all those displaced by conflict around the world. Instead of trying to create temporary fixes a proposal like his – which to be clear will not be complete just with the Indiegogo campaign – would be a permanent way to provide a country for the countryless. Stay tuned for more.
Refugee Nation

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

Guys, Bluesmart is truly killing it. Not only are they fixing what the idiot airlines can’t, saving you from overweight baggage fees, partnering with Uber, and shipping by the end of the year, they just raised $11.5 million in VC funding. Hopefully some of that will go to R&D for making a suitcase that never gets full and still never gets heavy.

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