January 11, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: 70% of Indiegogo Campaigns Reaching Their Funding Goal Set Their Deadline for Less Than 60 Days


70% of Indiegogo campaigns reaching their funding goal set their deadline for less than 60 days.



Intuitively, it may seem that providing more time for your campaign will allow you to raise more funds, but our data indicates that campaigns which run for shorter periods of time, have more success. 

Additionally, 64% of campaigns reaching their goal do so with at least two days left of their campaign.


No matter what the length of your campaign, the time you have is only useful if you’re efficiently using it.

Set your campaign length at a manageable level. For example, we recommend running an active campaign- one which sends plenty of updates. If you send around 3 updates a week, a sixty day campaign will send over 25 updates- that’s a good chunk of work.

You should also use your time creatively- like Coleen from the 50 by 50 for Write Girls campaign. Everyday of her campaign, for 50 days, she interviewed a new woman writer. That’s fifty writers!  

Don’t rush your campaign, but also don’t take too much time. For inspiration, take a look at the campaigns which have reached their goal recently- there are pages of them that are still funding. They’re expected to exceed their goals by an average 31%.