January 12, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 IndieGoGo Technology Campaigns: Wind Turbines in Kenya & An Open Source Braille Reader in Canada


Innovative and exciting ideas are born everyday that could possibly change the world.  Below are 5 currently funding IndieGoGo campaigns from the Technology category creating new frontiers:

Anti-Lossanti-Loss by Innova Technology

Location: Singapore City, Singapore

Story: This device promises that you will never lost your cell phone again, providing you with a wireless leash that can be attached to your valuables.  Using a Bluetooth smart card, aL tracks your location through GPS and is compatible with your Android phone (Blackberry and iPhones on its way!).  Their campaign has already reached their goal with substantial press in CNET and Techcrunch – there is still 48 days left to go!


Location: Colorado, USA

Story: How could we better understand online how change is really occurring?  With the help of Google Earth, this website celebrates the concept of 'direct-need-given' by visualizing human needs.  Potential givers can not only see what is needed (school supplies for kids in India or shelter for families of disasters) but track their contributions to those needs.

  Open Source Braille Display  Open Source

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Story: Only 1/10 blind children in America can read braille compared to at least half the population in 1960.  This project wants to make a prototype for an Open Source piece of hardware and bring braille accessible to the masses. 

Access Energyaccess:energy

Location: Kisumu, Kenya 

Story: Having already received an award by the President of Kenya for the design of their wind turbines, this collective are looking to train local technicians to build them from scratch to create skilled workers and improve the quality of energy access to the country's population.  The money raised will be matched dollar for dollar by the Segal Family Foundation.

Circle 6Circle of 6 White House Award – Winning App

Location: California, USA

Story: Recognized by Vice President Joe Biden, these software engineers are using mobile technology to provide an app to 30,000 college students that can prevent dating violence and abuse amidst 16-24 year olds. Their campaign, managed by a highly accomplished team, has already received press in Marie Claire, The New York Daily News and the official Apple blog.