February 29, 2012 · Tips & Insights

62% of Campaigns That Reach Their Goal Have Repeat Funders


62% of campaigns that reach their goal have repeat funders. 


This reinforces our advice to stay connected with your friends, followers, and funders throughout the campaign process. One way to engage is by creating new and limited edition perks.

In fact, 20% of repeat contributions are for perks that were added after the campaign went live.


Naked Cow Dairy, the only cow milk dairy in Hawaii, and soon to be the only cow’s milk cheese producer in the state, recently added an amazing new perk and announced it with an update. Their limited edition perk allows the contributor to be the first to taste their cheeses at a one-time five-course dinner. 

Devise your campaign strategy to keep initial contributors involved throughout your entire campaign lifecycles. Here are some things you can do to keep in touch:

  • Use updates to stay in touch with your friends, family, and funders. Update people on your funding progress as well as new perks, hurdles you’ve overcome, or anything else. Remember, more updates means more money.
  • If possible, try and send out perks to arrive before your campaign is over. When contributors receive something physical from a campaign owner, their involvement becomes much more real- if they like the perk again they may want another.
  • Send out thank you notes to contributors and people who have really helped promote your campaign. These small gestures of gratefulness play a big role in building your contributor community.

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