April 4, 2012 · IGG, Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: 53% of Campaigns Reaching Goal Have a Pitch Video Under 3 Minutes


53% of campaigns that reach their goal have a pitch video that is under three minutes long. 87% have a pitch video that is under five minutes long.


At this point, video has become an integral part of the web. On Indiegogo, having a great pitch helps you raise more money, as well see an increase in  the types of actions that will boost your gogofactor and enable you to get featured! Keeping your video concise is also important and here’s why:

  • There is a lot of video being shared everyday. In fact, 500 years worth of Youtube videos are shared and watched on Facebook everyday. By keeping your video short, you can increase the likelihood that people will watch the full video and hear all the key points that you would like them to hear. Photobooth Expedition packs in the personal story, the background, and the call to action all in under two minutes, yet never feels rushed!
  • The average internet user’s attention span is short. Try to present only key information in your video, and leave some of the details to your pitch text. Permaculture: A Future, does an excellent job sharing key information, including a little bit of an etymology lesson, while staying cheerful and brief.
  • Make sure what you are sharing in your pitch is engaging! Keep it interesting by showcasing your passion and highlighting the personal elements of your story. Build a Greener Block spends less that three minutes highlighting the variety of passions, perspectives, and dreams a community can have for their home, and highlights the things a contributor can help create!
  • If there’s extra material you’d like to share via video, you can always include it in your gallery, or share it as an update as your campaign progresses. Filmmaker Evan Prosovsky has a great and short pitch for his film Waterpark, yet showcases some of his other work in his gallery.
You don’t have to be an filmmaker to make a pitch video. We offer hints, tools, and advice on how to make the best pitch video over on our forum page.

Remember, show your face, tell your story,  show what your money is going towards, have a call to action, and share your passion (but keep it short)!

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