September 23, 2016 · Tips & Insights

Tips on Email Strategy: Turn Your Contacts into Customers



As you build your campaign, you’ve probably thought about driving backers to your campaign by posting on social media and PR. But, did you know that single most effective way to convert visitors into backers is actually plain-old email?

It’s true. We’ve analyzed hundred of thousands of campaigns and have found that email outreach is the most effective way to raise money.

In fact, the average conversion rate from email is 34% higher than other forms of outreach.

Email works.

So if you’re going to run a great campaign – you’ll need to make sure you have a great email marketing strategy. We realize that it can be nerve-racking to think about emailing hundreds (or thousands) of people, especially if you’re not sure where to start.

We’re here to help.

Introducing… our Email Marketing Guide!  

Our new Email Marketing Guide will help you understand the key strategies and tactics for an effective email marketing campaign – and help you maximize your efforts and impact with email.   

Here are a few things you’ll learn:

How many emails you should have before launching

When you post on Facebook or Twitter, you never quite know how many people are seeing your message. But with email, you know exactly how many email addresses you have, and you can plan your outreach and target list size accordingly. You can use your goal and average contribution to get a rough estimate of a desirable list size. Plus, we’ve even included a handy ‘Email Calculator’ in the guide that you can plug in your numbers to figure out your specific idea list size.

How to grow your list with a landing page

If you aren’t at your target email list size (or want to build it up even more), start with a landing page that allows people to give you their email address. We recommend using a site with A/B testing like Unbounce or Optimizely. You can experiment with your layout and messaging to find out what increases conversion rates. Remember, just a small increase in your conversion rate can drive a significant increase in the money you raise. Our guide also includes tips to drive traffic to your landing page.

The key components of an effective email:

Would you like people to share, contribute or comment? Multiple action items can confuse your subscribers, and actually have shown to decrease engagement with emails. Make sure that in each email – you have a single action that you encourage your subscribers to take. In the guide, we’ll also cover the key emails to send – and when.

Those are just a few of the highlights you’ll learn about.


  • Email Growth – tips for increasing your email list size
  • Email Calculator – determine the number of emails you should have
  • Planning Calendar – and the 4 emails to send to get the biggest impact
  • Pro-Tips (up-selling, secret perks, etc)
  • …and much more!

Whether you’re new at email marketing, or a pro… you’ll be sure to find great strategies and resources in the guide to maximize the impact of your email outreach.
Ready for your emails to turn contacts into backers? Grab your copy of the Email Marketing Guide now!