September 23, 2016 · IGG

Cocktails and Crowdfunding: How Two Entrepreneurs Opened the First Female Distillery in D.C.



“Think of everything realized, decided and solved over a great cocktail.”


If you talk about something long enough, the time eventually comes to quit dreaming and put it into action. 

Republic Restorative founders, Pia Carusone and Rachel Gardner talked about their love of bourbon and dreamed of opening a distillery for five years. They finally realized that this wasn’t a far off dream of theirs, but a passion that they’d like to make a reality. Although their backgrounds weren’t in distilling spirits, they knew this passion would drive them forward. After all, as they wrote on their campaign page, “the transient nature of a beautifully crafted glass of whiskey is at the heart of so many of life’s best moments.” Pia and Rachel started with this idea, launched a crowdfunding campaign and today are running a women-owned distillery and craft cocktail bar in the heart of Washington, DC..


Join us for the second episode of Season 2 of Go Time as we sit down with Pia to discuss the opening of Washington D.C.’s first female-owned distillery, Republic Restoratives. Pia shares her learnings from their crowdfunding campaign as well as what’s like to open and run a business.

To help wet your whistle, Pia and Rachel have shared some of their favorite cocktail recipes below with more available on their website:

NE Side Gimlet                                                      Moscow Mule                                                      

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