September 26, 2016 · Behind The Scenes

Wondering How to Raise More On Giving Tuesday? Learn From These Nonprofits



Fundraising isn’t like it used to be. The next generation of donors operate very differently from their predecessors. Nearly 84 percent of millennials donate online where information, services, and even social impact are available on-demand. If you’re looking to join the trend of nonprofits finding alternative ways to fundraise on Giving Tuesday, you are not alone and we’re here to help!

Learn from these nonprofits on how to amplify your fundraising efforts in time for Giving Tuesday:

Carry the Future Found a Simple Solution to a Hard Problem:


When Carry the Future Founder, Cristal Logothetis, learned of the thousands of refugees landing in Greece without any supplies, she immediately thought about how to help. A simple baby carrier would provide remarkable relief and security to family members responsible for the youngest in their groups. Cristal felt if she could provide this relief to 100 families, she would be comfortable with her contribution. After launching her crowdfunding campaign, she was shocked to see how fast the idea caught fire. By the end of 2015, Carry the Future was officially formed, nearly 7,000 baby carriers had been hand-delivered to refugees over the course of three trips to Greece, and a family of 5,000 volunteers had mobilized across the globe to advocate for refugees, collect carriers, and orchestrate their own plans of action.

The Parkinson’s Institute Uses Crowdfunding to Reach a New Audience

The Parkinson’s Institute was interested in expanding their donor base to include younger generations. When Bill Draper, a respected venture capitalist, offered to make his annual gift a seed donation to an Indiegogo campaign, the Institute saw the opportunity to use crowdfunding and its social media capacities as a great way to reach millennials, who are more likely to use online fundraising platforms. Ultimately, the fundraiser raised more than five times Bill’s donation from more than 450 donors!

Build a Community Like The Harry Potter Alliance


The Harry Potter Alliance, which organizes the fan community around promoting social good, runs regular fundraisers on Indiegogo. Each of their team members has a job during the campaign, such as adding new donation levels, sending emails, contacting top donors and more. They also give their local chapters tasks during the fundraiser and turn it into a competition. For example, during their 10th anniversary fundraiser, the local chapter that shared the campaign the most won an exclusive prize. In this same fundraiser, they raised more than $100,000 by working together and channeling their fan’s love of the Harry Potter ideals into real-world activism.

Buy One, Give One to Activate Backers:


Swap Socks mission is to provide comprehensive eye care services to those who do not have access to it around the world. For every pack of Swap Socks sold, a donation of $5 was made to the Seva Foundation, an organization that works to build the capacity of local eye care personnel in affected countries. Swap Socks has raised over $40k in contributions, helps with vision services worldwide and has gone on to launch their own business.

No matter what your mission, crowdfunding is here to help. Learn more about how you can amplify your fundraising efforts this #GivingTuesday and receive tips and resources from the experts!

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving back that launches the holiday giving season. On Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 people around the world will come together on Indiegogo and Generosity to share their support for the causes that matter to them.