April 13, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Campaign Round Up: A Subscription for Spices & A 3-D Racing Game


Crista/Executive Assistant

Diabetic Alert for Gracie

Location: Colorado, USA

It is amazing what these highly trained dogs can do for children with severe diabetes!

Erin/Business Development

Kartoon: First 3-D Racing Game on Facebook

Location: Paris, France

The first 3D racing game on Facebook, being developed in Paris, needs your help coming to life!

Erica/Director of Marketing

Action Leads to Success

Location: California, USA

My uncle fought a 15 year battle with ALS so this cause hits very close to home.  I am confident that Shela and her family will have a full life ahead if they are able to raise funds to have the proper treatment and care needed for ALS.  Hoping this campaign can start to get them there!

Kat/Content & Community

Spice Road: Connecting Culture Through Spice

Location: San Francisco, USA

A group of students are fundraising to test their idea for a cool start up geared towards cooking! Each month subscribers of their service will receive one spice, 5 recipes and a bunch of cool stories about the culture related to that cuisine.  Breaking bread with people is where any kind of change begins!

Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate


Location: All over the United States

Did you know there’s a place at the edge of the Bronx where generations of boys have jumped from unbelievable heights into the Harlem River? I didn’t! Help C-Rock raise post-production funds!

Will Haines/Product Manager

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience 

Location: Tokyo, Japan

I had a pachinko machine growing up, so Japanese arcades are near and dear to my heart.


Project Starving Artist

Location: Ontario, Canada

This campaign from Canada aims to help 100 independent artists, record their original song, and film a professional music video – all within 1 year. Submit your demo for consideration or contribute towards making the project happen!