November 1, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Tweet Up: How is Social Media Adding Value To Your Crowdfunding Efforts?


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To follow on from the success of our recent involvement in Social Week we're launching a Tweet Up!  

Social Week is an industry focused event converging thought leaders in education, creative, sustainability and business and explored how the social conversation is driving change across their industries. Now, we want to know how social media has impacted the activity of your campaigns and created results for your brand, initiative or project. 

For the next 10 days we're asking that you Tweet us a 30 second video with a personal statement answering the questions below.  Videos will be picked at random, and promoted via our newsletter, blog and social media channels to support their campaigning efforts. Good Luck!


 1. Create a 30 second video 

Please start the video with the following: My name is (state name), my campaign is called (state campaign name) and I'm crowdfunding to (shortly explain what you're raising for).

Then address any two of the following questions in one concise sentence:

1. Provide one example of how social media has provided you with press for your campaign or resulted in a large donation from one funder.

2. List 5 tactics that have driven fundraising for your campaign and one anecdote to support.

3. What is your social media strategy and how do you know when it's working?

2. Upload the video to either Vimeo or Youtube

3. Tweet @indiegogo with the link including the hashtag #GoGoSocial 

Final date for submission: Tweet us before Friday, November 11th, 11:59 PST (USA). Videos will be announced via our Newsletter and social media the following week. 

Tweet Up Outline:

  • You can only submit one video per campaign, so make it good!
  • Campaigns entered must have at least 10 funding days remaining. 
  • Videos must be 30 seconds maximum (keep it short but sweet!).
  • Videos will be picked at random.  
  • All videos and participation are subject to IndieGoGo terms of use. 

 Image from Project Toasty