October 31, 2011 · Behind The Scenes

IndieGoGo Ideas Lab: Developing Ideas & The Brainstorm Process



Brainstorming has become the traditional benchmark for the early stages of any project development. WHAT, HOW and WHY are the common driving factors in evaluating whether we're going to a pursue the idea and reach the implementation stage.

Dreamers can often ignore that much like any successful story, structure and planning are necessary to turn the soft focus of an idea into a picture drawn out in ink.  The 99 Percent highlighted Disney as an example (one of the most highly respected creative machines of our time), revealing how their brainstorming process encouraged their teams to explore each of the three steps in three physical rooms.

Each week we identify a mix of newly launched IndieGoGo campaigns that are simple and action-orientated:

I Am Undocumented
Location: Tehran, Iran

Category: Transmedia
Story: This documentary provides children of Iran and Afghanistan with a platform to share their stories about living without legal documentation.

Help Graffiti Pioneer Riff 170 Get a Home
Location: New York, USA

Category: Health
Story:  A community of artists are providing support to, RIFF, one of the city’s most profilic graffiti artists who remains homeless and without work.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Category: Video/Web
Story: Seeking to launch an online platform that allows users to share and create music together using social media, this team are looking to start their business.

QR Cook Book
Location: Los Angeles, USA

Category: Food
Story: This interactive cookbook is designed to include a QR code.  By can scanning it using your Smart Phone, you can access videos on how to cook the desired dish. 

Human Rights Delegation in Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Category: Community
Story:  An NYU Graduate has the an opportunity to work with a local NGO to collaborate with local Rwandan young adults and seeks to travel there to assist them in raising awareness about Human Rights.