David/Lead Developer
COMIC – Sails of Blood
It's pirates, vampires, and zombies in a comic book.  What could be more awesome?

Erica/Marketing Director
Rebuilding Monterosso
When I graduated from college, my friend and I spent some time in the Cinque Terre.  It was a highlight for me after weeks of travel and I will always have very fond memories of our time there.  

Kate/Customer Happiness
FILM – I Am Undocumented
Two women in Tehran will help 10 undocumented children share their stories through film. I love this project because it is a testament to how digital media can give people (of all ages) a voice!

Kat/Content & Community
FILM – Bigga Than Ben
This witty, dashing film is set in my hometown, London, and written in the spirit of the good ole' traditional gangster film, but with, um, Russians.  It's won a ton of awards already and trying to find release in the US.  They're raising to pay for Distribber fees and overall costs!  

Kelly/Content & Community Intern
MUSIC – The JoBee Project
A campaign from Belgium (I'm Belgian), released on my birthday and the song, 'Honey', is a vibrant jazz-y song that gives you a happy feeling . Need I to say more? 

Melissa/Visual Designer
ART – Haircuts by Children
This campaign has more depth than you might think, be sure to watch the pitch video! They ask: Would you trust a 10 year old to cut your hair? My answer is: HECK YES I WOULD!  

Erin/Business Development
EDUCATION – Dr. Bob's Sound School
Bob Moog invented the synthesizer (!) and many other innovations at the intersection of music and science. The foundation created in his name is launching a campaign to take their music and science education program national.  The campaign is being launched in conjunction with Moog Fest, where Passion Pit, Moby, Yacht and others will play in the amazing creative hotbed of Asheville, North Carolina. 

Will/User Experience Designer
I love pinups and donuts.  Also, I'm pretty sure she's getting contributions from people who don't follow her blog–yay IndieGoGo community force multiplier!