Erica/Marketing Director
COMMUNITY – Spread Spark & Hustle
Tory Johnson – our friend from Spark and Hustle – created this campaign to lever her network and bring holiday cheer to those in need.  With 25% of America’s youth are living below the poverty line, Tory has decided to try to make a difference. 

Erin/Business Development
Golden Afternoons
A book with a year's worth of party and entertaining ideas for busy women.  I could use this!

Jeff/Senior Rails Developer
ANIMALS – Rock & Rawhide
A great animal cause!

Kat/Content & Community
FOOD – Woks & Lox
What do an Asian & Jewish couple do on Xmas Eve?  Instead of crying into their lox they throw the mother of all parties including celebrity chefs and a banging DJ.  Santa who?

Nic/Marketing Analyst
FASHION – Help Silkscreen Decolonize BART T-shirts! 
An alternative BART map renaming Bay Area landmarks as social justice activists and the cities of indigenous peoples. I saw this campaign start on social media, and eventually grow to being fundraised on IndieGoGo. The campaign exceeded its goal in 7 hours!

Slava/Founder & CEO
SMALL BUSINESS – Buffalo's Fire
This community project focuses their members to take action.  How can you not love a campaign from Montana!  Especially if its called Buffalo's Fire.

Will/UX Designer 
FILM – The Chronicles of Rick Roll 
This campaign has every viral video star I’ve ever heard of except for piano cat (R.I.P.), so let’s make it go viral!

Yan/Director of Product
EDUCATION – Books Outside the Box
This is a great concept!  This initiative empowers high school students through collaborative learning and the support of entrepreneurial mentors. It's this type of program that could spark the next wave of young entrepreneurs!