December 2, 2011 · Behind The Scenes

PERK POWER: Shop IndieGoGo This Holiday Season!



The holidays are coming fast around the corner! Before you suffer the worry and anxiety, we have put together a list of 12 Perks to add to your shopping list.  Not only will you be supporting a campaigner reach their goal but there's no doubt that your gift will be the most original and unique!


COMIC – Beginnings: A Comics Anthology
A collective of comic lovers decide to collaborate to produce an anthology of comic work once realizing how much talent they had access to at their monthly meet ups!

$10 PERK: The anthology artists will create a customer avatar for your Twitter or Facebook!

COMMUNITY – LuminAID Inflatable Lamp
This inflatable, solar chargeable and lightweight lamp is geared towards disaster relief situations but can easily be brought on camping trips and music festivals.

$25 PERK: Receive a LuminAID Light AND know that one will be sent to one of their community projects.  You get a tribute card and get to see your name on their online community map.

FILM – Chronicles of Rick Roll
This action adventure features an array of internet celebrities and viral video stars in a feature length format.  It will include all the sparkly production accustomed to Hollywood: top quality cinematorgraphy, special effects, music soundtrack, A-list talent and producers. It has received much press on Ellen DeGeneres, CNN, ABC, CBS, Associated Press, IGN, TIME, Tosh.0, PCMag, Mashable and more! 

$10 PERK: Receive exclusive video updates and content about the movie from the producers or select cast members!

MUSIC – Search & Restore
This non-profit seeks to promote jazz music worldwide, eager to continue increasing awareness of their efforts by creating a residency project and a house concert series, producing a strong online presence including podcasts, covering operating costs and pursuing more festivals.

$25 PERK: A download link will provide you with 15+ tracks featuring stars from the new jazz and improvised music scene.

SMALL BUSINESS – Everyone is Gay
A pair of dedicated visionaries have quit their day jobs to focus on developing an advice website for the LGBTQ youth community, also increasing awareness efforts at high school campuses by launching a nationwide tour.  

$5 PERK: A hilarious holiday card featuring the two campaigners and their two very angry cats in costume.  


FILM – Occupy Love
This feature documentary explores the Occupy Wall Street movement, identifying this social phenomenon to be more about humanity and compassion than one of anger.  With interviews including legendary writer Naomi Klein and a host of others, award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper hopes this inspirational story will make everyone want to change the world. 

$30 PERK: Receive the digital download of this inspiring film including an invitation to the after party of the screening in New York, San Francisco, Toronto or Vancouver (travel not included)

FILM – Alice Walker Beauty in Truth
This documentary film about poet and human rights activist, Alice Walker, already has a commitment from PBS to be broadcast in 2012 including strong interest film festivals – but they still need to complete the film!  This moving portrayal includes interviews from Yoko Ono, Danny Glover, Steven Spielberg, and countless others. 

$50 PERK: Your name on the contributors wall of the movies website, a digital postcard and the DVD of the final film.

COMIC – The Firelight Isle
This owner created graphic novel will be published online and in 200-300 page full color print format telling the story about two friends since birth, both who go off to pursue different paths.

$50 PERK: An original sketch of the comics from the book will be mailed to your door!

SMALL BUSINESS – Ellie Fun Day, Buy Blankets That Change Lives!
This social enterprise designs baby blankets that can provide a way out for poverty-stricken and marginalized women in developing countries.  

$96 PERK: This limited edition blanket is made of organic fleece for a soft and supple touch.

VIDEO/WEB – Food & Flow
This online video series provides monthly episodes around themes such as Radiance, Love or Strength with vegan cooking classes and yoga exercises. want to produce 12 episodes in 2012 but need to cover production costs including inviting guest hosts to participate.

$54 PERK: This classic Moleskine notebook comes with a specially created cover featuring Great Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.  Carry this around with you everywhere in 2012!


ART – Let’s Make History
Berlin Glas.e.V is a non-profit association dedicated to the art of hot glass.  They want to open the city’s first public access glassblowing studio, having already found a location!

$500 PERK: If you find yourself in Berlin and have a hot date with no where to go, the Berlin Glass e.V will teach you both a glassblowing class, creating a romantic atmosphere to drink to get the evening going.

THEATRE – I Wish You a Boat
This award nominated play telling the story of the Titanic is currently being reworked for an international audience.

$500 PERK: Receive an original newspaper from 1912 which includes an ad for tickets on the Titanic return trip from New York to England(which never took place!).