February 19, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 IndieGoGo Community Campaigns: Mobile Farms in Shipping Containers & Modular Art Structures


The word 'Community' has become an overused word, alongside 'Peace', 'Social Media' and 'Justin Bieber'.  Here are 5 IndieGoGo campaigns currently fundraising to build community, not just talk the talk:

Mobile FarmSecure Food for the Displaced, Hungry and Homeless

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Shipping containers have been an increasingly viable structure to support community efforts in developing countries due to their affordability, high abundance and ease of transportability.  A non-profit has assembled a team from Europe and Australia and identified a way to feed 30,000 people.  By creating a mobile farming system with hydroponics they will utilize 90% less water than is used in conventional methods.

IgboguanIgbogun Primary School

Location: Minnesota, USA

Imagine if you spent two hours everyday walking to school.  This would be 28 days out of 365 days each year just to access an education!  A Fulbright graduate is going to build a school and library in a local village and provide children with a closer destination for learning.

DevergyDevergy Solar Village

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Installing a micro-grid in every village could provide those in the rural areas of developing countries with a pre-paid energy meter, in turn allowing them to ‘pay-as-you-go’.  During the pilot phase, they will focus to connect 100 houses in three villages in Tanzania.  This team are seeking market validation, ambitiously aiming to outfit 350,000 people with electricity in the next five years. 

The Hive Project

The Hive Project

Location: Texas, USA

Touted to be ‘a physical manifestation of the growth and continuity in the Flipside community itself’ this shade structure using modular design will be a community space for art at this Austin-based festival inspired by Burning Man.

OC Rollger GirlsOC Roller Girls

Location: California, USA

Representing hard for Orange County, this roller derby team includes over 200 members with 7 skate levels, 12 teams and a phenomenal training program.  They want to expand to a new location but require added support for their new indoor home. 

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