February 21, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 IndieGoGo Video/Web Campaigns: The Method behind the Madness


In a world where almost everything that can be explored has been explored, the web is the final frontier. Anything goes on the internet, and this week’s campaigns are ready to throw their hat in the ring and tame them on the internet…

This week, we explore 5 video/web campaigns putting some method behind the web’s madness:

CarrotCarrot Happens

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Story: Two former high-school nerds kidnap Zac, their high-school crush. Mistakes occur. Hilarity ensues. Carrots happen. This campaign will allow two German-born up-and-coming actresses to create a pilot for the series and release it to the world in 8 minute segments. Perks include producer credits, the DVD, and delicious carrot cakes!

MethodMethod or Madness

Location: New York, USA

Story: “Making it” in New York City is pretty crazy. Join Nikki and Gerard as they create an improvised exploration of the scene and its many pitfalls. With three webisodes already in the can, only your support can bring the full first season to fruition. Want to join the madness? Perks include a visit to the set or having a character named after you. 

TeenA Teenager Can Make a Feature Length Film

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Story: Yes he can. At age 15, Harrison Houde has already been making YouTube videos for 4 years. His new goal is to create Haxors 2050, a feature-length film about hacking, corrupt governments, and mind-control. If that sounds ambitious, Harrison also plans to take input from all contributors when writing the script, so get brainstorming… 



Location: New York, USA

Story: Tipped.tv is a new online TV network that plans to produce and distribute great original web series. They will find and foster talent all over the web and bring it to your computer. This campaign will fund the first version of the site, with contributors receiving the first shot at submitting content.


Link to the Future Parts II & III

Location: Sarasota, USA

Story: “Our goal is to explain the official [Legend of Zelda] timeline recently released by Nintendo, clearing up how the convoluted order of events came into being in two separate films.”—sometimes you just can’t make these things up. As told in the style of Back to the Future, Link to the Future II & III will clear up a question we’ve always had…