February 18, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

PERK POWER: Phone Calls With Music Legend George Clinton & an Aboriginal Art Kit


Whether you’re looking for perk ideas for your campaign or wanting to shop for a a unique gift, we’ve pulled together our weekly pick of some cool perks on IndieGoGo: 




Location: London, United Kingdom

Francis, one of the oldest living Aboriginal storytellers, has been followed around by director Kevin Lee Brown for 5 years .  Now all the content is due to be featured online in an interactive multi-platform experience to preserve his storytellers for years to come.

PERK 14 Illustrated postcards and a bag containing 3 ancient pigments drawn from the earth for you to try your hand at Aboriginal painting.


The Scrubba Wash

The Scrubba Wash Bag

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Fashioned off washboards from back in the day, Ashley Newland traveled for 8.5 months with an early prototype of the Scrubba wash bag never spending money on either laundry or water for washing.

PERK  Get scrubbing with your own Scrubba wash bag!


Last Shop StandingLast Shop Standing Documentary Phase 2

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Based on the book by Graham Jones, this accompanying documentary film conveys the saddening demise of the record store.  Once a prominent feature on every high street of the country, over 500 independent record stores have shut in recent years, robbing local communities of a physical meeting place to bond over music.

PERK Besides your name in the credits for the film, you’ll receive a DVD of the film before it hits the theaters!


Galaxy NexusGalaxy Lexus Laser Etched Doors

Location: Washington, USA

Aware of the countless Galaxy Nexus phones on the market, Omie decided to create a customized option that users would actually find attractive.

PERK Pick your very own design to have etched onto the battery door of your phone.


George ClintonFundraiser for C Kunspyruhzy and What Studios 

Location: Florida, USA

George Clinton is heralded as the original pioneer of funk music for the past 5 decades.  Now him and his musical family want to refurbish their music production capabilities by restoring the recording studios and continue making legendary sounds.

PERK Receive a limited edition personally signed rare P-Funk 45 record from the Don himself! If you’re feeling like you want to splash, $300 will get you a phone conversation with George or a voicemail recording for your phone.  Feeling baller? Spend $1000 and you can chat to both George and Bootsy for 30 minutes.