Danae/COO & Founder

Date JewishDate My Jewish Friend Extravaganza

Location: New York, USA

Love is in the air!  Hope you and your friends enjoyed an awesome V-day this week.  If not, perhaps a one-month matchmaking marathon is in store? 

Erica/Director of Marketing

FarajaFaraja Orphanage Children's Home

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

I lived in Arusha and many of my friends were volunteering/working at this orphanage.  I was delighted to see this campaign pop up and Faraja is a wonderful place and has helped so many children find shelter and education in Arusha. 

Erin/Business Development


Location: London, United Kingdom

Francis Firebrace, a wise and charming Aboriginal storyteller who has traveled the world to make change through the power of a story, is raising money in association with MIP Doc to finish a film and create an interactive experience online.  Please help him reach his goal!

Melissa/Visual Designer

It Ends in AIt Ends in 'A'

Location: London, United Kingdom

This monologue about the first woman to compete in the Giro d'Italia looks super intense. I wish I were back in London so I could go see it!

Nic B/Marketing Analyst

GoGosGoGos Rock Out at Lennon Studios

Location: San Francisco, USA

Obvious shout out!

Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate

Rau'sRau's All Natural Chocolate Beverage

Location: California, USA

I LAAAAV chocolate.

Will/UX Designer

Transforming StepsTransforming Steps

Location: Kolkata, India

Does it surprise you to hear that there is an increase in sex trafficking during major international sporting events? Help get the word out at the 2012 London Olympics by supporting this campaign.