Target Fetch – Your Household Essentials Delivered Automatically!

When you think about what needs to get done today, do you ask yourself: How many paper towels are left in the cupboard? I’ve got some toilet paper under the bathroom sink…right? Was the hand soap half-full or empty this morning? If you’re like most of us, those are questions you don’t ask until it’s … read more


Bringing light to those who need it most: Studio Unite becomes first non-profit to win $10K in Flash Funding from Ingram Micro.

Solar Lights is the latest Indiegogo campaigner to receive flash funding from Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services. Learn their story and how entrepreneurs can access flash funding and other benefits from Ingram Micro. After her son was diagnosed with asthma, Alice Chun, CEO and Co-Founder of Studio Unite, was inspired to use solar energy … read more


From Crowdfunding to Retail, Faster: Introducing Indiegogo’s newest partnership with Brookstone

Since launching in 2008, it has been our mission to change the way ideas are brought to life, offering tools and support to help entrepreneurs succeed. Our latest partnership with Brookstone continues this mission by providing a unique opportunity for Indiegogo campaigners to go from crowdfunding to retail, faster. Together with Brookstone, we are able … read more


Going Global: Indiegogo Launches Program for China-based Innovators

Building a global brand isn’t easy. That’s why Indiegogo has provided unique resources and support to China-based entrepreneurs since the debut of our China pilot program in 2015. Since then, China-based innovators on Indiegogo have raised more than $100 million to launch their products around the globe. We’re excited to introduce the Indiegogo China Global … read more

Join the Internet of Arduino Challenge and bring your IoT idea to life with Arrow & Indiegogo

Tersa Steam is a wall mounted, 10-minute clothing care system. As Tersa’s CEO, Charlie Warden, describes it, “It’s as easy as your single cup coffee maker.” The Tersa team started building their product with an Arduino because it was the perfect platform for prototyping. “Arduino is great because you’re easily able to alter the code. It’s … read more