April 2, 2020 · IGG

Crowdfunding in the Time of COVID-19

We’re at the outset of a long and challenging road ahead, but early signs show that crowdfunding may offer a reprieve in economically uncertain times. In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s easy to get discouraged. Much of the world is stuck at home,… read more

April 1, 2020 · IGG

A COVID-19 Survival Guide for Small Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has flung the entire world into unprecedented territory. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve suddenly found yourself cut off from your community, depriving you of customers and desperately needed financial resources.  Without any certainty about the future, It’s difficult to know… read more

March 27, 2020 · IGG

March 2020: Top Campaigns

With much of the world in quarantine and socially distancing the last three weeks, March has been an unusual month to say the least. The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been far-reaching, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses, but several sectors of the economy have… read more