February 1, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: 85% of Campaigns That Reach Their Goal Receive Their First Contribution Within One Day of Going Live


85% of campaigns that reach their goal receive their first contribution within one day of going live. Your campaign’s first contribution builds momentum for your fundraising effort. 

On average, campaigns which reach their goal receive their first contribution in one day. In contrast, campaigns which don’t reach their goal take about four days- that’s four times as long!



The Help Sound Station campaign doubled their goal in only two days because of their massive initial outreach to their network. They have since sent out at least one update daily, and are only a few thousand away from tripling their goal.

Getting a strong start to your campaign is a key indicator of success, so here are some strategies to get you going.

  • Complete all aspects of your campaign before launching – include a video3-8 perks, and have external social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Announce your campaign with a direct e-mail to your extended network and a design a social media campaign. The initial support from these networks is what will help you boost your GoGoFactor, and get your momentum going. 
  • Have creative ideas prepared on how to keep updating your followers and funders.