February 2, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 IndieGoGo Theatre Campaigns: Heathens, Death, and a Ship Of Fools


Few genres can match the emotional depth of the theatre. Maybe it’s the connection of seeing actual people on stage, or maybe it’s the danger inherent in creating something new each evening. Theatre has a magic all its own.

This week, we explore 5 theatre campaigns spreading their messages around the world:

Balcony“Leave the Balcony Open”

Location: New York, USA

Story: This play explores the devastating loss of young lives. The campaign aims to tell this story on the big stage. Contributions will make it possible to produce the story in as epic a format as it’s creators envision, complete with a shaman and a beached whale. As little as $10 will get you a personalized haiku from the author.

FoolsA Ship of Fools Theatre Company

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Story: Like most theatre companies, A Ship of Fools seeks to bring high quality theatrical productions to the world. Like no other theatre company, A Ship of Fools, creates that magic for people with Huntington’s disease, a deadly neurological disorder with no present cure. Founded by Charles Shetcliffe, who has Huntington’s himself, this campaign will fund the initial stages of getting the company off the ground and into the world. 

SpokenVictoria Spoken Word Festival

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Story: Shout it out loud! The Victoria Spoken Word Festival provides young Canadian poets with the opportunity to bring their poems to life by performing them aloud. Perks include poet trading cards (!?!) and the opportunity to get a custom poem streamed to your computer! Whatever you do, do yourself a favor and watch the pitch video—you won’t be disappointed…

TennesseeThe Tennessee Williams Project

Location: Ontario, Canada

Story: Bring Tennessee to Toronto. Tennessee Williams, that is. On March 1 at 8 PM, nine theatre companies will perform seven one-act plays for seven nights. Too much math? You could be the one person to put them over the top. And, just in case you thought the name “Tennessee Williams” was too short, perks include the rights to sponsor the festival’s name!


Location: New York, USA

Story: Finally, we follow up with a comedy. An “unsettling” comedy. A comedy about family values in Kentucky. The campaign funds the production, and your involvement could bring you anything from a shout-out to a “HOUSE CONCERT! Erin Hill — the Wikipedia famous sci-fi harpist will come to your house.” That’s a direct quote from the campaign page, so don’t miss out!

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