January 31, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 IndieGoGo Health Campaigns: A Kidney Transplant for a Husband & Saving Seth


In 2009, the US Census Bureau recorded that over 50 million Americans were uninsured primarily because of the high costs associated, turning it into a 'luxury'.  With this remaining a major issue amidst children and families, crowdfunding has become the most accesssible way to secure the safety of lives and allow loved ones to show support.

Here we uncovered 5 IndieGoGo health campaigns currently raising:

She Can Give Him LifeShe Can Give Him Life

Location: Alabama, USA

Story: Ina is married to volunteer fireman, Jordan, the man of her dreams who is also in need of a kidney transplant in order to save his life.  His wife is the only matching donor to make this happen.

Edith GallegosEdith Gallegos Garcia Fund Raiser 

Location: Texas, USA 

Story: Thirty-one year old single mother, Edith is mother to four children  but when a car accident left her in a coma, her family and friends have rallied together to cover the future medical bills. 

Tara's PalatesBoost Tara’s Platelets

Location: Washington, USA

Story:  Poetry author, Tara Hardy, discovered she had a low count of platelets in her blood only to realize that with this came a pile of medical bills required to keep her healthy.  A group of her loving friends put together this campaign to support her through this difficult time. 

A Bedroom for SethA Bedroom for Seth

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Story:  After adopting their first child Charlie, suffering from Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (a skin disease which causes 2nd and 3rd degree burns), he was one of the first children in the world to successfully recover from the disease through a Stem Cell Transplant. Now they want to adopt their second child, Seth, also suffering with the disease, they need to make their house wheelchair accessible.

Hope for TracyHelp and Hope for Tracy

Location:  Connecticut, USA

Story:  Whilst nursing then losing her husband through cancer, Tracy overlooked a mole that became diagnosed with melanoma.  After rigorous chemotherapy, Tracy has since left her job including the benefit of her health insurance.  Now her friends are doing all they can to help!