February 15, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: The Benefits of Your $25 Perk


Campaigns that offer a $25 perk raise 35% more money than those that don’t.


We’ve written about how important it is to offer a compelling $25 perk. Perks priced at $25 are the most popular perk claimed on Indiegogo, and they offer an exciting and affordable way for supporters to get involved. 

While crafting your perks, consider what makes your campaign unique and what your audience wants. Limited Edition crafts, pre-releases, personalized thank you notes, and credits in the final product are perfect at this level. 

There are many possible perks you can offer; here are some of the ones currently trending on Indiegogo:

  • Musician Mike Block is using Indiegogo to exchange art for funds to help with medical expenses accrued due to an accident. For $25 you receive a personalized letter as well as signed copy of his upcoming album.
  • Project Rhythm partners with community organizations to provide music education programs to in-need communities. They are offering a pre-release album produced by the kids during one of the Project Rhythm mobile studio programs. 
  • Project Roxivia, a 3D platform game, is giving fans the chance to be immortalized inside the game’s vitrual museum.

If you need more ideas, check out our blog for the “Perk Power” articles. You can also browse successful campaigns to get a sense of what other campaigns are offering.