November 16, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Campaigns That Post Media After Going Live Raise 81% More Money!


Campaigns that post media to their gallery after launching raise 81% more money than those who don’t.


Once campaigns get a gallery going, the more they post the more money they make. Campaigns with 10+ pieces of media in their gallery make more than 2.5 times as much as campaigns without a gallery.

Media2 (2)

You can start a gallery through your campaign-edit dashboard. Media can include videos, picture images, or artwork. The use of these tools helps people connect to your campaign in the most robust way. It builds trust and engagement by allowing contributors to meet the people behind the campaign and provides context for the campaigner’s motivations and commitment. Additionally, campaign media can be easily shared by sending it out as an update.

Arab Winter: Weathering the Storm


Arab Winter, an art gallery exhibit opening in Montreal, has posted seven amazing and touching videos in their gallery. This includes three artist profiles, and four videos highlighting previous projects and works of art members of the group have been involved in.

Spend a little extra time and post new, original media to your campaign. While your original pitch should be a video, and videos tend to be more effective, pictures can also capture contributors’ attention.