November 14, 2011 · Behind The Scenes

IndieGoGo Ideas Lab: Lead with ‘Why’ and Not ‘What’



Author, Simon Sinek is best known for developing ‘The Golden Circle’, a method of thinking he believes is adopted by the world’s most inspiring leaders including Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers.  This video called ‘How great leaders inspire action’ is the 19th most viewed video on Ted and presents his philosophy towards human decision making that he is convinced surrounds Why, How and What as common indicators for action. Most companies and brands are motivated to talk with their audiences by leading on the What; a slogan along the lines of 'this is what we’re doing or selling'. 

But really it should work in the opposite order.  Using Apple as an example Sinek explains that the way they communicate is lead with the Why: ‘everything we do we believe in thinking different, the way we challenge the norm is by designing our products beautifully, we just happen to make great computers, want to buy one?’

People don’t 'buy' What you’re doing, they ‘buy’ Why you’re doing it.

Each week we identify a mix of newly launched IndieGoGo campaigns that are simple and action-orientated:

MUSIC – Bringing Music Videos Back!
Location: California, USA

Story: Determined to revive the old days when music videos used to play on MTV, this entrepreneur wants to launch the beta version The ME Network.  This online network allows undiscovered artists to upload their music videos to the network including a social networking component to drive traffic.

ART – Procession of the Muxes
Location: Juchitan de Zaragoza, Mexico

Story: Muxes (or ‘Queerness’) are considered the third gender in Zapotec culture often acting as mediators between the two sexes.  Renowned for their artistic talent they host an annual procession in their honor with the local Catholic church of Juchitan.  Alex Hernandez has been invited by a community leader to travel from Los Angeles to the city and wants to bring a photographer to capture the process through photography and film.

DESIGN – Wooden Sunglasses
Location: Sydney, Australia

Story: After 18 months of Research & Development, this design team is ready to manufacture their product to launch to market.  If they reach their goal they will also donate part of the contributions towards saving one Rainforest tree.

FILM: The Colour of the Word
Location: London, England

Story:  Cesano is a small town outside of Rome that is home to Radio Vaticana, a transmitter site that houses the broadcasting station for the Pope and the Church.  The film explores concluding evidence that shows a link between this transmitter and a range of cancer cases amidst the local population.

POLITICS – Wirtland: Web-Based Sovereign Country, Largest ‘Cloud State’
Location: Wirtland

Story: Claiming to be the world’s first internet-based sovereign country, they currently have 2000 citizens from five continents and are now in plans to acquire land.