With gay bullying remaining a problem, director Gregor Schmidinger created the script for Project Homphobia, a 20 minute live action short film addressing the issue.  The fictional tale tells the story of an adolescent boy serving Military time who is experiencing homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades, exploring his own identity in a male-centric environment.  Set to be produced in both German and English (each conveying a different purpose and best explained via the Director’s Visions), the film will be shot in Austria and the world premiere aired on May 17th, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (a  live stream will be available online for a global audience).  The team’s goal of $6K has since been exceeded with 25 days still left.  All additional funds will be donated to the It Gets Better project, a non-profit that fights gay bullying for LGBT teens.  

Here we ask the films director 6 Qs relating to their campaigning efforts:

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