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Looking Ahead: 5 Trends in Crowdfunding To Watch In 2024


Welcome to 2024, where crowdfunding isn’t just all about raising funds as a go-to-market strategy any longer. It’s about shaping the future of how we innovate, create, and connect as a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists. For many years at Indiegogo, we’ve built a feature-rich platform for our community to launch new and unique products and indie creative projects that are contributing to technological, artistic, and global innovation. 

So what can we expect from crowdfunding in 2024? To answer this, we’ve consulted with our Indiegogo team of experts, analyzing the trends that emerged throughout the latter part of the previous year. This exploration has uncovered key categories, countries, and consumer behaviors poised to shape the crowdfunding landscape this year. 

Read on for the top predictions and trends in crowdfunding this year, followed by a roundup of the top campaigns of 2023.

1. Drops – the new crowdfunding buzzword

Taking a page from the hype playbook of sneakers and streetwear brands, crowdfunding is poised to be all about limited time and quantity, high-demand offers. They create a frenzy, drive quick funding, and add an exclusive edge to the crowdfunding sphere. Whether it’s for a tech device, a limited edition free add-on, or a collectible color, Indiegogo Drops are set to become a major go-to-market strategy for projects looking for rapid funding and looking to create a viral buzz. Interested in launching a Drop with Indiegogo? Learn more about our program and connect with our team here.

2. Travel crowdfunding goes beyond product launches and into hospitality accommodations

Glamping and luxury boutique accommodations are getting a crowdfunding makeover. As travelers seek out unique experiences, hospitality and real estate entrepreneurs are turning to crowdfunding to bring their visionary projects to life. Think eco-friendly escapes and smart home-powered treehouses. This trend isn’t just about travel. It’s about creating immersive, sustainable lifestyles. We’re betting on a wave of innovative, crowdfunded accommodation projects that blur the lines between nature, comfort, and technology.

Read about one campaigner’s success story on bringing the Oculis Lodge to life here.

3. Gifting meets crowdfunding

Poised to bring consumers closer to the e-commerce shopping experience, crowdfunding today looks a lot different than how it was when Indiegogo was founded in 2008. On the heels of launching gifting for Indiegogo, will we see our platform become the new go-to for finding and sourcing gift inspiration, especially for recipients who consider themselves early adopters? From tech gadgets that can be personalized to bespoke lifestyle products that scream one-of-a-kind, gifting through crowdfunding is gaining traction.

It’s not just about the product — it’s all about the story behind its development. Our prediction: 2024 will see a surge in campaigns designed specifically with gifting in mind, pushing the boundaries of personalization and exclusivity.

4. Crowdfunding in China will continue to thrive and be a market to watch

China’s approach to launching a new product through crowdfunding is nothing short of a phenomenon. Quick funding, massive engagement, and a penchant for innovation set it apart. With Indiegogo’s white glove campaign services, we’re keeping a close eye on how our crowdfunding campaigners in China might influence global trends, especially in tech and consumer electronics. Expect 2024 to bring more global collaborations and perhaps some lessons in crowdfunding dynamics from this market. Learn more about our China program here.

5. AR, VR, and AI crowdfunding campaigns

The future is now, and it’s all about AR, VR, and AI in crowdfunding. These technologies are transforming how entrepreneurs pitch ideas and how backers interact with them. Imagine trying a gadget through AR before funding it, or an AI-driven platform that tailors campaign suggestions to your interests. This year, we anticipate a significant jump in campaigns employing these technologies, offering backers a glimpse into the future. And who knows, it could be the inspiration for future product features that our platform could offer. Explore upcoming AR/VR and AI campaigns on Indiegogo.

The future of crowdfunding has arrived

The crowdfunding landscape in 2024 is a thrilling convergence of innovation, technology, and community. From personalized gifting to high-tech campaigns, these trends are reshaping how we think about funding and innovation. For tech enthusiasts, creators, and backers, keeping up with these trends is not just exciting — it’s essential to be part of the future of crowdfunding!

Top 10 Campaigns of 2023

As we reflect on the past year, Indiegogo has been a bustling hub for some of the most groundbreaking and trendsetting campaigns. Get inspired with the Top 10 Indiegogo campaigns of 2023 that raised millions in funding and garnered the most backer support. 

Let’s dive into these innovations that are reshaping our world, one idea at a time.

1. PetSnowy: The Innovative Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Funds raised: $1,955,091

PetSnowy brought a sigh of relief to cat owners everywhere with its self-cleaning litter box. This eco-friendly, hassle-free solution struck a chord with pet lovers, doubling its funding goal and redefining pet care.

2. FUELL Flluid: World’s Longest Range E-bike

Funds raised: $1,743,038

The FUELL Flluid e-bike turned heads in the sustainable transportation sector, tripling its funding goal. It’s a testament to the growing demand for eco-friendly commuting options with its promise of exceptional range.

3. Mirror Hotels: A Perfect Blend of Nature & Luxury

Funds raised: $1,697,837

Mirror Hotels introduced a unique concept in travel, surpassing its funding goal. It struck a chord with those seeking a sustainable yet luxurious escape, blending nature with the comforts of modern living.

4. GPD WIN Mini: 7-inch 120Hz Gaming Handheld Console

Funds raised: $1,577,379

The GPD WIN Mini reshaped the portable gaming landscape, thanks to its compact design and impressive performance, making it a hit among gaming enthusiasts.

5. niostem: Reverse Hair Loss in 6 Months

Funds raised: $1,537,065

Tackling a sensitive issue, niostem’s non-invasive hair loss solution resonated with many, surpassing its funding goal. Its innovative approach to reversing hair loss in just six months garnered widespread support. 

6. Ring One: The Most Advanced Smart Ring for You

Funds raised: $1,362,829

The Ring One smart ring, blending fashion with technology, not only met but soared past its funding target. It’s a testament to the growing interest in stylish, wearable tech.

7. Acacia: World’s First 3-In-1 Camping System

Funds raised: $1,150,084

Acacia’s innovative 3-in-1 camping system appealed to outdoor enthusiasts, comfortably surpassing its funding goal. It’s a game-changer for anyone seeking a compact and versatile outdoor experience.

8. AOKZOE A1Pro: World’s 1st 7840U Gaming Handheld

Funds raised: $1,115,250

The AOKZOE A1Pro, a trailblazer in handheld gaming, captivated gamers, achieving over double its funding goal. It’s a powerful testament to the growing demand for high-quality, portable gaming devices.

9. AYANEO KUN: 8.4” Screen 7840U Handheld with 54W TDP

Funds raised: $1,080,715.17

AYANEO KUN, with its impressive screen and robust performance, exceeded its funding goal, highlighting the market’s appetite for advanced handheld gaming technologies.

10. VELIA Smart Ring – ex Iris

Funds raised: $1,034,615.71

The VELIA smart ring, combining fashion with function, doubled its funding target. This success underscores the trend towards more aesthetic and functional wearable tech.

2023 has been a year of groundbreaking innovations and inspiring ideas on Indiegogo. These campaigns not only reached but often far exceeded their funding goals, reflecting the enthusiasm and support of a community eager for cutting-edge products and experiences. As we venture into 2024, these success stories set the stage for another exciting year of innovation and creativity.

The future of crowdfunding is unfolding, and at Indiegogo, we’ll be right here, bringing you the latest and greatest in this evolving field! To learn more about how to launch your next campaign on our platform, visit our Indiegogo Education Center.