Caitlin/Director of Operations
They Call Me Jack
This film tells the story of an intersex writer struggling with the angst of a series of unrequited loves. Come watch the film intro on IndieGoGo and have your heartstrings tugged!

Danae/Founder & COO
We're moving towards a world of collaborative consumption (where we share the resources we all use); so why not allow micro-breweries to share their canning equipment, and why not put it all on a truck!  I call that Ops Gone Wild! 

David/Lead Developer
SMALL BUSINESS – Natural Resources
Natural Resources is a small business that has been providing support to San Francisco mothers for almost 25 years.  They're fighting to keep their doors open, and using IndieGoGo to do it! 

Erin/Business Development
FOOD – El Huarache Loco
In association with La Cocina, Veronica Salazar is making her dream come true, launching the Mexican street food restaurant El Huarache Loco in Marin County, nine years after she began perfecting her cuisine from her home kitchen.  The restaurant will be entirely family owned and operated.  

Jeff/Senior Rails Developer
SMALL BUSINESS - Telepresence Mobile Robot Explorer in Southern California
Robots and mobile communication are two of the hottest technologies and guaranteed to be our future. This is a great campaign which can excite kids into learning about technology and their environment.

Kat/Content & Community
FILM – Hafu: The Experiences of Mixed-Race Japanese
Rarely do you hear of stories outside Western culture that explores identity, especially related to mixed race cultures in Asia.  My first cousins as well as many close friends have often talked to me about their experiences being in Japan and how they are often times considered as outsiders – I hope this story helps break some barriers!

Melissa/Visual Designer
FILM – We Are Friends
This campaign belongs to one of my good friends, who just so happens to be an extremely talented filmmaker. His whole campaign is awesome, I'm so proud of him! His perks sound truly amazing –  I seriously want them all. I also can't wait to see the film, I've been hearing about it for years and I know it's going to be great!

Sandy/Customer Happiness
This campaign is giving employment opportunities to untouchable caste women in Indian! 

Slava/Founder & CEO
FOOD – Dunwell Donuts
Sweets from Brooklyn is a sweet campaign. 

Will/UX Designer 
TRANSMEDIA – I Made America
This campaign is everything.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out and prove me wrong.

Yan/Director of Product
COMMUNITY – Doonited 
Love the vision and simplicity of bringing together people around the world to do the same good thing on the same day.