One of the things that sets crowdfunding apart from fundraising is that, with crowdfunding, your contributors actually get something back from your campaign in the form of unique perks.

Great perks motivate contributions. But even if you're not giving away an iPad you can still make your perks compelling and attractive to your potential contributors. How to do this?

By framing them.

What does it mean to frame a perk?

It means putting the perks you're able to give into a context or package that makes sense for the contributor and compells them to contribute.

IndieGoGo makes this easy by allowing you to creatively name your perk levels.

For instance, a theater company can offer a perk as simple as theater tickets. But with clever perk level titles, each contributor knows exactly when and how to use the perk. For example:

DATE NIGHT: 2 tickets

FAMILY NIGHT: 4 tickets

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: 6 tickets

OFFICE PARTY: 8 tickets

BIRTHDAY PARTY: 12 tickets

Most IndieGoGo campaign owners are giving away a piece of the final product, some part of whatever they're raising funds on IndieGoGo to produce. So frame your perks in a way that makes it easy for your contributors to know what part they took in the production and what piece of the final product they'll get.

Ben Salter does a great job of this on his campaign. He's raising funds for a new album, and each of his three perk levels has a fun name, an easy dollar amount attached, and a graduating list of things contributors will get from the new album (a badge and sticker, a copy of the album, a signed copy of the album, etc.).

Just remember: you don't have to give away a lot. You just have to learn to frame what it is that you're offering in a way that makes it fun, useful, and easy to understand.

Photo courtesy Flickr user kfergos.

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