April 5, 2011 · IGG

IndieGoGo Celebrates Success in Austin


Jeanie Finlayblog

Every year the world's most tenacious, brainy, and innovative musicians, filmmakers, and techie's take to Austin to share the inside scoop on what's new on the scene. It's an amazing gathering of talent – and we are so proud that many of these movers and shakers are from IndieGoGo!

We got to meet and celebrate with many of the people behind the campaigns.  Like Jeanie Finlay (pictured above) who's film, Sound It Out, made its world premiere in Austin.  Or, Rory Reiff, who told us all about his campaign rcmnd.   Are you unable to keep track of all of the word of mouth recommendations that come your way? Rory just might have found a solution.

Emily Hagins, the youngest filmmaker at the festival and the darling of Austin, was gracious enough to stop by and chat with us about her film, My Sucky Teen Romance, which she funded through multiple IndieGoGo campaigns. And, first time filmmaker, Julie Gould, also stopped by to say hello

Later in the week we learned that her short film, "8", took home the prize for Best Documentary Short.  Way to go Julie!

And what would SXSW be without music, right?  Well, I discovered some great artists while I was hopping in and out of the bars and events during Music Week.  Diego's Umbrella and Big Wilson River Band performed awesome sets (and kicked off their campaigns!) at the IndieGoGo Music Showcase.  We also had the chance to meet our friends Vertigo Venus and Left on Red, who were able to stop by and say hello between their gigs.

It was so much fun to meet our great campaigners in person, share insights and ideas on how to make IndieGoGo bigger and better, and spend some time in beautiful Austin, enjoying the warm weather and the BBQ. 

A big thanks go out to our friends at The Next Web for capturing these great videos.  And a heartfelt congratulations to our many, many friends and fans that had such an exciting week.  Can't wait to see what SXSW 2012 has in store.