March 15, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Half of Repeat Funders Contribute to the Same Campaign Again Within 2 Weeks


Half of funders who contribute more than once to the same campaign do it within 2 weeks.


62% of campaigns reaching their goal have repeat contributors. The key to their success is dedication to their contributors- thanking them and keeping them engaged immediately after they contribute.

One of the reasons people contribute to your campaign is to be part of a community, and as a campaign owner- you are the primary organizer of this community. We’ve previously discussed strategies to keep contributors engaged and ways to encourage them to contribute more than once. This includes creating and introducing new perkssending out updates, and sending thank you notes or small gestures of thanks. 

The California Raptor Center is a wild bird refuge in California that cares for injured and orphaned wild hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. This year they lost their official funding and launched their Indiegogo campaign, Help Save Hawks, to help pay for some of their costs.

They reached their goal in three weeks with the help of repeat funders! Their success can be attributed to using updates to send out pictures and videos introducing some of the birds they care for, as well as new members of their flock. 


Remember, posting updates and sharing media doesn’t only help engage previous funders, it helps you attract new ones as well! You can find more insights and tips here.