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Dear Community,

Since we launched Indiegogo in 2008, we have been focused on democratizing the fundraising landscape, and creating a platform that allows anybody to raise money for anything, from anywhere.

We’re so proud of our campaign owners and the growth we have seen over the past few years.  Over 70,000 campaigns have launched, from hundreds of countries around the world.  One day we are watching a renowned Gambian musician launch a campaign to build a local school, and the next we’re finding out that a team of hockey players from the tiny island of Vanuatu are fundraising to reach a championship.   

We’ve spent years becoming experts in our field and continue to work hard to create a product that is easy to use, fun, and ultimately results in you being able to raise money for your creative, cause – related, or entrepreneurial project.   So, we are excited to show you our recently re-designed website, chock full of many improvements based on your feedback.  And, we recently announced the finishing touches to our gogofactor algorithm, which truly empowers anyone using Indiegogo to have the opportunity to amplify their campaign.  At Indiegogo, we don’t guess which campaigns should be popular – we use data from our users to generate the most engaging experience on the web.

I hope you enjoy the changes to Indiegogo, and as always, our Customer Happiness team would love to hear from you at support@indiegogo.com.

Slava Rubin

Founder and CEO