December 31, 2010 · IGG

A Year in Review: 2010 on IndieGoGo



Another year is in the books and its been quite the exciting one here on IndieGoGo. We have had over 10,000 campaigns start in 2010, spanning hundreds of countries and all types of creative, cause related, and entreprenuerial pursuits.

Here are some of our favorite themes from 2010:


Whether its re-building a Community Center in Haiti, or simply keeping the spirit of a group alive, people are proud of their communities and do a lot to keep them whole. Some of our friends in Canada created a Walking Audio Tour so others could enjoy the rich history of British Columbia, while over here in the Bay Area the folks at Awaken Cafe were able to keep one of their community's favorite gathering places alive. And let's not forget the generous soles in Oklahoma who took some time and energy to get a new friend Home for the Holidays.


Through both tears and triumph we have seen many incredible stories of people rising against all odds and focusing on their health. John Stamler ran the NYC Marathon six months after having open heart surgery and on the other side of the world, the Kilifi Kids were providing mobile healthcare in Kenya. 


If there is one thing our GoGo'ers have taught us this year, is that the time is always ripe to take action. The master minds behind New Left Media raised money to keep their independent journalism films going after they graduate from college,and Michealene Riley started a movement (that is still going, by the way) to raise awareness of violent sexual acts against women in Zimbabwe.  And what about the folks trying to change Crowdfunding Law? I bet we can all learn a thing or two from these guys.  


The entrepreneurs on IndieGoGo never cease to amaze us.  In 2010 Pierre Cohen got his music business off the ground, Jacqueline Gunn joined the Kiva community to help entrepreurs in developing countries, and right now Emmy's Organics is on it's way to raw food greatness! 


Uncovering Creativity

Its a big, big world out there, and one of the greatest things about IndieGoGo is that we have people from ALL OVER IT teaching us new things.  The year started with Dark Mountain, a compilation of stories and essays from an author in the UK, exploring what some may call, the end of the world.  And now, the guys from 100 Yen are exposing the vibrant world of Japanese arcades in their documentary film, while Myke Weiskopf is showing us how nations, namely Bulgaria, communicate via short wave radio.  Pretty cool huh? 

We've sure had a great time this year helping all these campaigns get funded on IndieGoGo….what's been your favorite to follow?