Natural Resources_Fixed

When we launched IndieGoGo in January 2008, we started with Fixed Funding.  Over the years much has changed based on your feedback, and we have quickly grown based on our Flexible Funding model.  Today we are excited to announce we are going back to our roots and launching Fixed Funding as an option for any new campaign!  Now both Flexible Funding and Fixed Funding are available.

How does Fixed Funding work?

  • New! Keep the amount of money raised only if you reach your funding goal. 
  • Great for projects where you need all the money to make it happen. 

Case Study: In the case of Natural Resources, a small business in San Francisco, this mother-child center was under threat of closure if they didn’t update their inventory, refurbish portions of the space and expand their education classes for their community.  This expansion and development required $40K, otherwise they would need to close.  Not only did they meet their goal in 30 days, they exceeded it by more than $3K!

The Facts About Fixed Funding

  • Your campaign must be 30 days or less
  • You can receive contributions via PayPal only
  • Contributors are charged right away but will be refunded if you don't reach your goal 
  • IndieGoGo pricing and fees remain the same

How does Flexible Funding work?

  • Keep the money you raise during your campaign, even if your funding goal isn't reached.  
  • Great for projects where you can break it into smaller goals, have other funding sources, or where no minimum amount of money is needed

Flexible Funding has been one of the defining aspects of IndieGoGo because our primary goal is to enable you to make your project happens.  

Case Study: Tour of Pie had a goal to raise $6500 to complete a 6-12 month travel trip and become ‘the best damn lady pie baker’.  Her aim was to visit a different bakery each month to conduct an apprenticeship and learn all the necessary skills for her to launch her own small business – she calculated that she needed $650 per month to survive.  She eventually raised $3,301 and by having access to the funds she raised, she will be able to complete at least 50% of this self-designed pie-baking curriculum.