South By Southwest (SXSW) has grown well beyond its garage band roots into a 9-day, music, film, and tech extravaganza — with artists, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs travelling from around the world to put their fingers on the pulse of global creativity.

As part of the SXSW organizers’ emphasis on this diverse community, they instituted the PanelPicker — a way for the SXSW audience to help choose the programming they enjoy at the festival. After proposals for everything from panels to demos are submitted, the public is given an opportunity to vote on them and thereby crowdsource the material they most want to see.

This year, our Indiegogo team is especially excited about four panels for SXSW 2013, which include Indiegogo co-founders and campaigners. Even if you’re not planning to attend, help us educate SXSW’s creative crowd about the power of crowdfunding by checking out the links below, giving your vote, and telling your friends!

If you’d like to see Indiegogo on these panels, please vote!

You – Yes, You – Are The Investor of the Year
Crowdfunding crash course and JOBS Act education for startups — from Indiegogo’s CEO Slava Rubin, JOBS Act writer/lobbyist Candace Klein, and more.

Go Fund Yourself
Indiegogo CEO, Slava Rubin, has crowdfunding tips drawn from our mountains of hard data. Whatever your crowdfunding project or goal, Slava will be providing tools — from statistics to success stories — that could give you an advantage and make the difference between a good campaign and a great one.

How to Scale Without Losing Savvy Customer Service
Indiegogo co-founder, Danae Ringelmann, joins this panel hosted by Natalia Oberti Noguera of the Pipeline Fellowship to discuss tips on how to consistently provide customer service while growing your business. The spotlight will be on our Customer Happiness team!

Cats vs. Causes: How to Make a Digital Difference
Featuring Indiegogo principle Adam Chapnick, this panel focuses on helping cause-oriented filmmakers wade through the sea of internet memes and viral videos — and give their documentary an audience and an impact.

Rise of the Brogrammer
From coding in Ruby by day to winning beer pong by night — Indiegogo developer Evan Burchard will explain the “brogrammer” phenomenon.

Building An Audience Before Your Film Is Released
Indiegogo campaigner, Jayce Bartok, will outline how he used YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, email, and his Indiegogo campaign to build an audience and raise funds for his film, “Tiny Dancer.”



Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Brent Grulke.