December 14, 2012 · IGG

The Week That Was — Going Locally Global in London


Last week, Indiegogo made headlines when we announced the addition of transactions in Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Canadian Dollars to our platform — as well as upcoming localized versions of our site for France, Germany, the UK, and Canada, giving users locally tailored browsable content and language support. Our co-founder, Danae Ringelmann, made this announcement onstage at Le Web, which you can see above.

As part of our celebration of this significant occasion for crowdfunders, members of the Indiegogo team descended on London to throw a weeklong party where one language in common was spoken — crowdfunding (and the Queen’s English).

Here are some of the highlights:

TechHub Demo Night
Adam Chapnick, one of Indiegogo’s campaign gurus, took the stage with our small biz wiz, Kate Drane, to speak with up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs about crowdfunding and its impact on young startups.

Podium Legacy Event
Podium is an organization that helped with both education and volunteer organization initiatives ahead of and during London’s 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our sports and gaming crowdfunding experts, Steven and John, attended their Legacy Event — meeting people in the sports community and getting a moment with the Olympic torch.

The Smalls
The Smalls is a club for makers and enthusiasts of short films, which also holds an annual film festival. In a cozy pub in Mayfair, they hung out with our film geek, Brad Wyman, to talk about the art of short film and the growing, positive effect of crowdfunding on the field.

Westminster University
At London’s largest arts school, Adam Chapnick was back at it again — this time with our resident music master (and Brit), Karen Bair — to speak with students involved in film, music, design, and fashion about Indiegogo’s artsy track record. Questions asked, answers given, and the number of crowdfunding experts (hopefully) risen.

London’s Breakfast Club
Each month, the Breakfast Club brings together members of London’s television and film community for a morning of talks, network, and of course, breakfast. Back from Le Web and with the help of our film geek Brad, Danae Ringelmann spoke to these filmmakers about the power of crowdfunding in their industry — and shared the Indiegogo creation story, which has its roots in one, humble screenplay.

London Meetup — The Grand Finale
To cap off Indiegogo’s exciting week, we invited the community to hang out with us at London’s Loop Bar to share pints and crowdfunding know-how.


We had a great time in London, and we’d like to thank our hosts, members of the Indiegogo community, future crowdfunders, and everyone else who came out to see us!

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