February 26, 2013 · IGG

Indiegogo Campaigners Meet Oscar at the 2013 Academy Awards


Two years after their Indiegogo campaign in the Wild West days of crowdfunding, Shawn Christensen and his team walked away with an Oscar on Sunday night for their live-action short film, “Curfew.” They ran a flexible funding campaign in early 2011 to help cover post-production costs for the short, which they had just finished filming — with 10 hours of raw footage.

In a mere 19 minutes, the story behind “Curfew” packs a punch: A junkie is in the middle of attempting suicide when his sister asks him to look after his niece, and he obliges. Check out the trailer:

Everyone on the Indiegogo team would like to give a champagne-filled congratulations to Shawn Christensen and his team, including the short’s producer and assistant director, Andrew Napier, who recently ran another successful Indiegogo campaign for his feature-length documentary.


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