April 15, 2013 · IGG

Indiegogo Trends: Singapore Slings Into the Crowdfunding Arena


Singapore — a tiny, city-state archipelago that’s been a leading hub of world finance for years — is now emerging as a leader in Asia in another field: Crowdfunding. From film and technology to art and community projects, Singaporean projects have raised over $134,000 in the last six months alone. To put this in perspective, Singapore’s population is nearly half the size of New York City’s.

This impressive crowdfunding milestone from such a small place is the result of creative, well-executed campaigns combined with a generally tech-savvy community. There is no finer expression of this than with Kenny Gee’s impressive film campaign — host of one of the most creative pitch videos we’ve ever seen:

Raising nearly $10,000 past its goal, “The Body” seemed to be the beginning of a wave of campaigns coming from the Southeast Asian nation — a wave that doesn’t appear to be crashing anytime soon:

Silverline: Smartphones for Seniors

The team behind this campaign believes that old dogs can learn new tricks (that are both time and live saving), so they’re developing smarphone apps for seniors and providing them with secondhand devices!

AFTERIMAGES: A Collection of Horror Films – FEATURE FILM

Another campaign demonstrating the strength of the burgeoning film community in Singapore, AFTERIMAGES is a “horror anthology” that harnesses the intrigue of Southeast Asian myths and urban legends.



Three Singaporean industrial designers have developed an easy way to store your keys and are raising money on Indiegogo to roll out their product in additional colors!



SPOT – the light with a sweet spot

Another-designed oriented campaign out of Singapore marries functionality with simplicity to create a light that you’ll want to shine — with a cute pitch video to boot!

Inch Chua’s New Album – Bumfuzzle

Not to be outdone by filmmakers and designers, Inch Chua helped introduce crowdfunding to Singaporean musicians with her impressive and artful campaign that raised over $15,000 from 257 contributors.

Be part of the IPA Photography Asia Awards 2013

Invisible Photographer Asia started in 2010 as a platform to promote arts and photography in Asia. As they prepared to host their 3rd annual photography competition, they turned to crowdfunding to expand the scope of the event!



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