August 20, 2013 · IGG

New Hardware Mentor in Residence at Indiegogo


We’re excited to announce that we’ve brought on Adam Ellsworth as our hardware mentor-in-residence. Adam’s five years of hardware experience include founding 4 start-ups, completing a successful crowdfunding campaign for 8 Bit Lit, and organizing the SF Crowdfunding Meetup and Hardware Summer Camp. Adam is uniquely suited to support Indiegogo’s hardware makers from prototype to fulfillment.

Free Office Hours for Campaign Owners

Adam will be hosting office hours for Indiegogo campaign owners to provide feedback and advice at any stage of a campaign; pre-, mid- or post-launch.

Skype/phone half-hour chats by appointment
Tues & Thurs, Aug. 20 – Sept. 5, 2013, 1-3 PM PST
To sign up:

  1. Fill out this form and include your Indiegogo campaign URL
  2. Schedule a half-hour slot

Video Interviews with Hardware Industry Leaders

Adam will host interviews with leading minds of the hardware industry on Indiegogo’s YouTube:

Crowdfunding is making it possible for a new class of hardware makers to raise money to develop products and so much more. The hardware revolution is upon us, and we are excited to empower people to bring products to life.

Want to get involved? I (@KateDrane) would love to meet you; Hit me up on Twitter for advice or just to chat. Also join our Meetup group to be alerted to our next hardware meetup.