October 8, 2013 · IGG

Announcing NEW Campaigner Dashboard with Google Analytics!



For over 5 years, Indiegogo has been digging into its mountains of data to provide crowdfunders with insights into what makes campaigns successful — and tips and tricks to make it happen. While we’re never going to let up on our commitment to educate, we wanted to further empower our data-hungry campaigners with the tools to better understand their campaign’s activity. This kind of knowledge can be especially powerful when it comes to optimizing any crowdfunding effort.

We listened to our campaigners, huddled with our Product Team, and are now excited to unveil an entirely new Campaigner Dashboard experience. If you’re running a campaign or have in the past, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy this revved up resource.

So now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s talk about what’s new:

  • New Campaigner Dashboard — Entirely new look, feel, and functionality to the “under-the-hood” part of our campaigns.

  • New data — Track which domains are driving campaign traffic, what conversion rates are, where contributors are based, and who is referring visitors to a campaign.

  • Slicing and Dicing — Dig deeper into this data to find trends and make stronger decisions.

  • Fulfillment — A greatly improved Contributors Tab will make fulfillment management easier.

  • Perks — Quickly see which perks are working best and choose one to promote, using our new “Featured Perk” tool.

  • Google Analytics — Campaign owners can now integrate their Google Analytics accounts with their Indiegogo campaigns, enabling them to monitor page traffic in real-time. Find out how here.

We’re confident that the New Campaigner Dashboard is going to change (for the better) the way you plan your marketing, measure the efficacy of your outreach, detect trends in your traffic and contributors, manage your perks, and fulfill them. The new system is live right now, so pop over to your campaign dashboard to check it out. Also stay tuned — we’ll be publishing periodic blog posts to show you ways how to leverage the new dashboard’s data to take your campaign to the next level.

Check out our support forums for more info on what’s new and how to use the New Campaigner Dashboard! And tell your Twitter followers about it!