Indivisible RPG crowdfunding
October 13, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: Crowdfunding Video Games & Honoring Communities


Indivisible RPG crowdfunding
We already know how good we have it with Michele Husak as our new Head of Communications, but her husband has a pretty sweet deal too. He gets an awesome wife AND a social media guru? Lucky. We’re also pretty lucky to have Slava Rubin as our CEO – the proverbial godfather of crowdfunding and voice of the industry.

Tech News

You may have always assumed that a tail-wagging dog is a happy dog, but that would be very reductionist of you. TailTalk can help you really unpack the nuances of your pup’s wags, or lack thereof as the case may be, to know exactly what he or she is feeling. You’ll also quickly learn to identify the telltail signs of dog depression and can deal with it accordingly. TBH if you can’t already sense those things, you need to get to know your dog better.
TailTalk for dogs

Video Game News

Once you go Indiegogo, you never go back. After almost closing because of legal fees, Lab Zero was not only able to make major improvements to their game Skullgirls, but has lived to crowdfund again! Lab Zero says that if their new game Indivisible reaches its goal, they’ll actually get a better deal than they would if they went a more traditional financing route. They also know that what they have is good: they are giving 30-minute access to backers before they contribute.
crowdfunding video games

Personal Fundraising News

Many things came out of the Occupy movement around the country, and one of the most important but perhaps least acknowledged were unexpected friendships. In Washington DC, a homeless resident of the occupied park joined the protestors and became a major part of the movement. As someone who had a serious stake in the matter, it was devastating to him when things died down and people trickled away to their old lives. When Mark “Bear” Parker died, no one claimed his body, but the activists that worked with him made sure he was properly buried, and never forgotten.


As the Syrian refugee crisis continues, so too do the efforts to help, even in small ways. As people struggle through border controls around the world, they have to carry babies, and even though babies are tiny and cute, they are also wiggly and heavy. To very literally lighten the load, an Indiegogo campaign was started to collect baby carriers and deliver them refugees looking to settle into new homes with their little ones.


From dog emotion sensors to videogames to baby carriers, our campaigns truly run the gamut. We know that you’re full of great ideas too, so start a campaign now.


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