Indiegogo podcast Scanadu Honest Politician
October 26, 2015 · IGG

Go Time Podcast: Scanadu Scout and Honest Politician (Live!)


Indiegogo podcast Scanadu Honest Politician

Every other week, Bret Harris (Director of Business Development) and Dave Mandelbrot (Chief Operating Officer) sit down with Indiegogo campaigners to get a behind-the-scenes look into their lives, inspirations and of course, the campaigns themselves for the Go Time podcast. This month, the makers of the Scanadu Scout, a wearable medical device that wants to help you monitor your health, share how Star Trek had an influence on their business plan. Also, in honor of the upcoming election, we had the folks behind the Honest Politician stop by our San Francisco office to do a live recording of Go Time. Stream them below, and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes!

Scanadu Scout

Scanadu Scout medical device

“For us, Star Trek was business plan!” – Sam & Walter de Brouwer on bringing what was once only science fiction to reality through their Medical Tricorder. An idea wrought from necessity as their family dealt with life-threatening illness, has begun transforming personal healthcare as we know it. With the ability to read important vital signs such as heart rate, temperature, oxygen levels, blood pressure, ecg, stress and more, the Scanadu Scout is an Emergency Room in your pocket! Join us as we discuss the future of personal healthcare, crowdsourced clinical trials, and how to go about changing goliath industries with virtually no industry-specific experience.

The Honest Politician (Live!)

Honest Politician

“Corruption is legal in America!” And the team behind is enlisting the help of Gil Fulbright, a satirical presidential candidate and America’s most honest politician to bring transparency, honesty and integrity back into the electoral process.

We sat down with the Managing Director of, Josh Lynn to discuss the power of using satirical comedy simply complex issues, and how ordinary people are helping to change Washington. Special musical guest appearance by our very own IndieWill, with the worldwide debut of his number one hit single, “99 Funders.”

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