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November 9, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: Super-Entrepreneurs


Silicon Heroes graphic novelFurther proof that we help small businesses thrive: three of our past campaigns were featured on Business Insider’s list of 19 Coolest New Companies in San Francisco. Take your real chill friends to Old Bus Tavern for drinks and food, buy a necklace/set of headphones from Tinsel for your hip sister, or refresh your room with furniture from Move Loot.

Tech News

We’ve all been victims of the vacation photo slideshow, and GoPro has added an element of unpleasantness with the poorly-filmed, shaky videos that don’t mean anything to anyone who wasn’t there. For your friend who cannot seem to let go of the camera, the Aetho Aeon offers some stabilization. It won’t fix your boredom, but at least you won’t be nauseated too. Aetho actually corrects your hand movement, because you are a simple, unstable human.

GoPro stabilizer Aetho Aeon

People like my dad who always like to pimp their electronics (a new show I’m pitching to MTV for Xzibit’s career renaissance) will be thrilled that they will no longer be locked down by the pesky design of the iPhone, which won’t even let you add extra storage, for goodness sakes. The Puzzlephone modular smartphone is just as fun as it sounds, and provides you just the bare bones of a phone so you can make it as cool as you want it to be.

Art Crowdfunding News

Amidst the ongoing discussions of what makes a good role model (ie not Victoria’s Secret Angels or the cast of 2 Fast 2 Furious), investor Joseph Floyd took matters into his own hands and launched a campaign to fund an 80-page graphic novel to give kids someone to look up to who is actually changing the world. Even though it’s about superpowers of entrepreneurs, “Silicon Heroes” does not just glorify start-up life, but also makes fun of some Silicon Valley tropes. In the spirit of inspiring kids from all backgrounds to grow up to do big things, any extra funds will go to and Girls Who Code.

Personal Fundraising News

I hate to bring up student debt because it’s Monday so you have enough problems, but many people are actually finding some respite from their loan woes thanks to Education has actually been one of our fastest growing categories among in personal cause – which means that people who before wouldn’t have been able to afford a diploma now have options that won’t have them taking out a mortgage to pay for college. Because that makes less than 0 sense.

Free personal fundraising Generosity

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