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November 16, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: Misfit Grows Up & Smart Homes


Misfit Shine Indiegogo
Big, big news this week. One of our most legendary campaigners and makers of the ultimate fashionable wearables (they go great with your fashion sneakers, fashion sweatshirts, and fashion sweatpants) Misfit Shine, announced that they are going to be acquired by Fossil. If you’re unfamiliar, they are not the rocks that show us what a trilobite looked like, but a popular brand that makes beautiful leather accessories and watches. Looks like Misfit is fitting into the fashion world pretty well.

Tech News

God knows I am not mature enough to be a parent, but as a frequent babysitter I am familiar with the despair caused by anything that takes a kid from their sleep-time toy. Like how once my cousin took his stuffed dog in the bath (um, dummy) and I dried it with a hairdryer. That’s love. But by attaching Oliba to a toy, parents can find any misplaced cuddly thing with bluetooth! Oliba also has a storytelling feature, which can be customized with parents’ recordings. A dream for any family with a kid who likes the same book read to him/her six times a night.
Oliba smart toy


Science nerds, do I have the campaign for you. CRISPR is not a new kind of chocolate bar with puffed rice, nor is it a new PR agency for startups. Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats can be used to cure diseases by actually editing DNA. A biologist and former NASA fellow has created a DIY CRISPR kit for aspiring biohackers to practice editing the genes of bacteria and yeast. Worried about some kind of biohacker revolt? Fear not, human DNA is a lot more complicated and plentiful than those microscopic lil guys. CRISPR has some incredible possibilities for resolving major human health problems, and with more minds working on the problem we’re more likely to find a solution.


With the ever-increasing home smartness, you may be feeling rather bitter that you actually have to get out of your bed to turn off the lights, or suffering from extreme anxiety when you may have left an appliance on when you leave the house. Fortunately, Microbot Push is a smart device that delivers a pretty simple solution. Controlled from your phone, it’s basically just a button pusher. They should offer bulk discounts – we need these all over the house.
 Microbot button pusher

Film Crowdfunding News

We all know that diversity in films, especially big Hollywood movies, is a huge problem. And even when there is diversity, it usually follows a set of stale and reductive tropes. Credence will be the first science fiction film that not only intentionally addresses LGBTQ issues, but also challenges stereotypical portrayals of gay men in film. Because they have been deemed unimportant or unattractive by Hollywood, without Indiegogo, these topics would remain hidden.
Credence movie

Social Cause News

Following the congressional vote to defund Planned Parenthood, women are opening up about the ways Planned Parenthood has helped them. Through #ShoutYourAbortion, women are telling the stories about their abortions to end the shame that usually surrounds women’s reproductive health. Though some have criticized the use of the word “Shout” the idea is that by breaking the silence, we can start to have meaningful discussions about the importance of reproductive rights in our society.

Where are they now? Indiegogo success story

You’ve probably read his musings on why it’s so hard to find love in the city, or where to eat/drink if you’re poor. San Francisco’s beloved Broke Ass Stuart ran an Indiegogo campaign to get his website up, and is now running for SF mayor. He’s running on a populist platform and his demographic is definitely disgruntled young professionals – so get your sassy pants ready for election day.


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