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February 3, 2016 · IGG

Go Time Podcast: Live! From CES and Con Man Free Giveaway


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January was an awesome month for Go Time – Director of Business Development, Bret Harris, traveled to Las Vegas for CES to record a special live episode and Los Angeles to meet up with Indiegogo Head of Film Marc Hofstatter and Executive Producer of the wildly successful web series Con Man PJ Haarsma. We even have an exclusive giveaway – a free download of the entire amazing first season of Con Man! Read on for full details. Don’t forget to follow @gotimepodcast on Twitter for the latest updates and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

Live! From CES

Live from CES 2016

CES is a tech-lover’s dream and playground, with the latest and greatest in cutting-edge technology drawing more than 170,000 people from all over the world to Las Vegas. This year, we hosted the Indiegogo Zone in Eureka Park and saw more than 125 campaigners exhibiting at the show. Bret had the chance to chat with campaigners, enterprises and partners live from the show, asking them for their best crowdfunding tips, favorite gadget at the show and more!

Campaigns featured:

Con Man

“Comic Conventions? Bunch a nerds!” After hearing that response from studio execs, PJ Haarsma & Alan Tudyk cancelled their remaining meetings & turned to those very fans to help independently fund the creation of Con Man – and $3.1M dollars later, they were glad they did!

In this episode of Go Time, Bret travels to Los Angeles to sit down with PJ Haarsma, the executive producer of the new hit comedy series Con Man to talk about crowdfunding in Hollywood, why they turned their backs on traditional finance, the making of Con Man and how their notorious Halo sessions landed Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion as characters in the game.

Plus, we’re giving away the entire first season on Vimeo on Demand for free to one lucky fan! All you have to do is:

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Con Man Indiegogo podcast

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