Move It work out gear
April 18, 2016 · In The News

We Like to Move It, Move It, Virtual Reality Cameras and More Hot Stories This Week


Move It work out gear

While our film team is supporting all our amazing Indiegogo alumni in New York at Tribeca Film Festival, the rest of Indiegogo is preparing for our quarterly All Hands meeting in San Francisco. Our campaigners are making headlines this week, from campaign launches to communities coming together to seed funding. Here’s what’s happening in the world this week.

Tech News

Do you like to move it move it? Because maybe even though you do, you don’t have time to schlep yourself to the gym to get your sweat on. For a pretty reasonable price, you now have no excuses not to begin your fitness journey since it will fit right under your bedMove It also connects to your smartphone so you can’t pretend you did 100 push-ups when you really only did 10. The Machines are watching you.

And while we’re discussing fitness, what about that whole thing about how your desk job is going to kill you? It turns out that just moving around more during the workday will help, even if it’s just fidgeting. If your joints don’t like the whole standing desk thing, and you’re just too busy to do laps around the office you can use HOVR to burn calories while you’re still sitting. It was created by a doctor and a trainer who despite helping people make healthy lifestyle changes, weren’t seeing good results from clients. Now you have an excuse to jiggle your foot all day and get up every five minutes to pee.

Hovr burning calories desk

Wearables that track sleep and activity are a dime a dozen, but where is the technology that is going to help us get in touch with our feelings? Now Sesmi will help you track where your stress comes from and what is interrupting your sleep so that you can take steps to improve it. If you’re a numbers-driven workaholic, maybe this will be just the data you need to start taking care of yourself.

Sensmi wearable

Social Impact News

If you aren’t outraged by what’s going on in North Carolina because you don’t know what happened, here’s what you missed: The governor of NC just passed HB2, a bill that, among other things, prevents people from using the bathrooms whose gender they identify with. Lots of companies have been pulling their business out of the state in protest, and local businesses are also taking steps to show that they don’t support the bill either. A group of breweries have come together to make a beer called “Don’t Be Mean to People: a golden rule (saison).” All proceeds will go to organizations that support North Carolina and other southern-focused organizations that support LGBTQ people, especially in the face of this new legislation. Cheers to that!

Golden Rule Saison Generosity

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

Continuing their unlikely and very prosperous union, the Stanford and UC Berkeley grads behind LucidCam have raised $2.1M in seed funding. It’s making the VR experience affordable for all the normies, and the way that the camera has two lenses spaced at eye distance mimics a real live human’s experience. Thanks to the new funding along with a partnership with Wistron Corporation they’ll be able extend the battery life and double the resolution and frame rate. I fear the day my dad purchases one of these so that he can demo his preferred paper shredding technique from a distance.


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