Kuvee wine
April 4, 2016 · In The News

Crowdfunding Pioneers, Keeping Wine Fresh & More Hot Stories


Kuvee wine

Besides having a lot of cool stuff written about our incredible community and campaigns this week, a lot of cool stuff was written about people that work at Indiegogo. Co-founder Danae Ringelmann was on the cover of Inc. Magazine because she is “The Crowdfunding Pioneer Responsible for $850 Million in Startup Capital.” Not too shabby is it? Re/Code wrote about how Joe Martin, our new VP of Engineering, is going to make our product better than ever, and co-founder Slava Rubin was also included in a list of “20 Heroes Under 40” that “Give Millennials a Good Name” for his work with Music Against Myeloma. It’s truly inspiring to work alongside such empowering and fearless people.

Danae Ringelmann Inc Magazine

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It’s one of the biggest bummers in the world when your nice bottle of wine goes bad. In order to avoid such a fate in ways other than just drinking the whole bottle at once, Kuvée keeps your wine fresh for up to 30 days. It also tells you what will taste good with your food and where it came from, which is great when you have friends over and you’re not even sure whether red or white wine goes with meat.

keep wine fresh Kuvee

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain, you know that it is a constant struggle. Chronic pain is much more complicated than one-time injuries are, thus patients are often never be able to find relief. Vivy has created a heating pad that goes deeper than the typical drug-store ones, and it not only provides relief, but also actually assists in healing damaged tissue.

Vivy chronic pain relief

If you are one of those scientific worker outers, you might have heart rate targets that you’re trying to hit, and for that you need a monitor. But strapping one around your rib cage might get in the way of your burpees during Crossfit, so Hexoskin has built it right into their shirts. It’s also compatible with fitness tracking apps like Strava and MapMyRun, so you can be sure that all of your hard work will be permanently recorded, and even shareable if you like to brag.

Hexoskin Smart workout shirt

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

Periods are gross. Period. And annoying, and as I have written about before, expensive. And did I mention annoying? In 2013, some geniuses decided to make underwear that you can wear on your period without any additional “supplies.” Instead of going broke buying tampons, forgetting them at home, and going more broke to buy new ones, you can just wear and wash Thinx. You may be skeptical, but they actually work! And even better, when you buy a pair, you fund the production of seven reusable pads for women in Uganda, where women are usually forced to either use extremely unsanitary alternatives, or stay home from work or school. So it’s a triple win: you don’t have to deal with tampons or pads, jobs are created for women in Uganda, and you’re helping out other ladies during their periods – a time when everyone needs a little extra help.

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