September 16, 2016 · In The News

Artists and this Beer Company are Working Together to Restore a Landmark


Building a successful business really is a mystery to me. I can barely build a successful breakfast. Thankfully, if any of us go on to start something big, our co-founders have learned a lot of lessons for us. Check out this interview with our co-founder Danae Ringelmann for CEO Secrets to become a genius.


The Heineken Cities Project has kicked off in Miami in a citywide effort to restore the Marine Stadium. Heineken is supporting a $4M contribution from the mayor by running an Indiegogo campaign to help street artists transform the stands. With concerts with legendary artists atop floating stages it was already a venue unlike any other, and now even more so with the addition of this one-of-a-kind art.


While they can be romantic and mysterious, dark rooms are also extremely depressing. Lucy will take what comes through your tiny, pathetic basement window and light up a whole room.
On the topic of sunlight and warmth, in lieu of stinking up your apartment with furnace fumes, you can use the candle-powered Egloo. It’s terra cotta dome absorbs and retains the heat from four tea lights inside, and gradually releases it, raising the heat of the room by about 5 degrees.

If you’re worried that some poor soul with inferior heating is going to steal your Egloo, you can get a Stilla, provided that Stilla is heat resistant. It’s an extremely simple theft prevention device. Just attach it to something valuable, and it’ll tell you when such item is moved. Sadly, it doesn’t have magical powers that knock down the gosh darn thieving rascal.

Where are they now?

More big news from our favorite group of ridiculous people: Super Troopers 2 has added Rob Lowe to the cast. He has come a long way since his days on the West Wing.

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