October 17, 2016 · In The News

Top Tech Trends of the Week From Security Locks to Solar Roadways


Our CEO, Dave Mandelbrot spoke with PC Mag, where he said that “the most important thing for an entrepreneur to know is that they won’t be doing it alone.” You can substitute “entrepreneur” with “human,” but it really is true. Which means that it’s good that we’re not only trying to make ourselves the best possible partners for entrepreneurs, but we’re trying to build a whole ecosystem of resources so that the bumpy ride is a little smoother.


If your roommate keeps borrowing your clothes without your permission, or you need to keep your significant other out of your personal snack drawer where you keep the fancy chocolate, you may be interested in purchasing a Smart Cube. It’s easy to install and can be locked and unlocked from an app. Extra bonus, it’s getting manufacturing help from Arrow. Check out the campaign page to see all the ways you can keep your personal belongings safe.


As it gets darker and you get lazier, it gets harder and harder to go to the gym instead of sitting (on a couch, on your bed, even on the floor). It may sound too good to be true, but now you can lose weight just by wearing clothes! Thin Ice uses cold to stimulate certain kinds of fat cells to move them right off of your body. Maybe you can wear it during Thanksgiving dinner.
Another great item for busy people, is U-Gym. It’s a portable deep tissue massager you can use for all of your little aches and pains. While it is no replacement for some good old physical therapy, it uses medium electrical frequencies to get your muscles to handle their beeswax and stop hurting.

Where are they now?

On October 3, the first Solar Roadways panels were installed in the hometown of its inventors in Sand Point, Idaho. The team is using this inaugural pilot as the first of many that will test the third iteration of the panels.

When a student from Mott Hall Bridges told Humans of New York that Nadia Lopez, the principal, is the person that most inspires him, HONY started a campaign that completely blew up to send students from her school to visit Harvard. The campaign was such a success that it’s no surprise that she was on the Ellen show, met with President Obama. Target even donated $100,000 worth of iPads and other electronics to Mott Hall Bridges and other Brownsville schools. She went on to co-write a book and also do a Ted Talk about teaching students who live in poverty with deep, daily trauma.

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